Your Ultimate Guide To 2024's Hottest Men's Streetwear Trends

Curious about staying on top of streetwear trends this year?

With TikTok introducing new aesthetics on what feels like a daily basis and iconic fashion brands releasing the most unexpected collaborations, we can’t blame you. The world of men’s streetwear has never been so diverse, which means there’s a lot to take in and more styling opportunities than ever before. 

We know it’s a bit overwhelming, but the current landscape is thrilling. This year’s trends will turn you into a full-fledged style chameleon, going from retro to futuristic, smart to sporty, and everything in between. They’re laced with nostalgia, but tweaked with modern elements so you can feel as fresh as possible. Some of them are a continuation of streetwear classics, while others may flat out surprise you. 

Whether you’re in the mood for some style inspiration or you need to do some research for a wardrobe refresh, we’ve done the hard work for you by rounding up the best men’s streetwear trends of 2024.  


A decade after the hipster boom of the early 2010s, we have a new irony-drenched trend: yuppiecore

We know blazers, loafers, and ties might not come to mind when you think of streetwear. But the worlds of high fashion and streetwear have been merging for years, and the lines are more blurred than ever. 

So, what exactly is yuppiecore? Think casual tailoring, loafers, straight leg jeans, and corporate-approved accessories. You probably don’t want to wear your office clothes off-duty but hear us out: yuppiecore looks pretty slick when done right. Much like the OG yuppies of the 80s, a man decked out in yuppiecore oozes confidence and satisfaction - and that’s what we’re all about at S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Unsurprisingly, A$AP Rocky has become the poster boy for the movement. The man is on top of the world: he’s starred in numerous luxury campaigns and gets to go home to Rihanna. Life’s good, and he’s not afraid to show it. 

Celebrities that wear yuppiecore

Lil Yachty, A$AP Rocky, Jonah Hill

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Stick to relaxed silhouettes to keep your look breezy
  • Mix formal and casual (ex. a button-down shirt and tie with baggy jeans or a t-shirt and slacks)
  • Add in quintessential streetwear accessories like vintage shades, baseball caps, and sneakers
  • Feel free to flex with jewelry and watches


Blame it on the popularity of dystopian sci-fi movies or call it an inevitable part of fashion evolution, but the futuristic techwear trend is still going strong. 

In case you’ve been living in your own fallout bunker or you need a refresh, techwear is a fusion of fashion and technology. It’s hyper-functional and often enhanced with features that Marty McFly would be proud of: breathability, waterproofing, elemental resistance, and all the pockets you can dream of. 

The techwear movement has slowly been building up since the 80s - activewear brands like the North Face and Nike released special collections to cater to their more outdoorsy customers (Black Series and ACG, respectively), but now techwear is hitting the streets and even prestigious world stages. It’s a favorite of musicians, actors, streetwear lovers, and doomsday preppers alike. After all, who wouldn’t want a coat that could protect them in case of a zombie apocalypse? 

Celebrities that wear techwear

Spike Lee, Frank Ocean, Timothee Chalamet

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Commit to it: techwear is a head-to-toe kind of look rather than a mix-and-match trend, like yuppiecore
  • Stick to a monochromatic color palette: an all-black or all-gray ensemble will give you that badass post-apocalyptic survival leader feel 


Get ready to take style inspiration from your standard UK dad. 

Blokecore is the perfect trend for anglophiles, sports lovers, or anyone who likes their streetwear with a side of nostalgia. Inspired by UK football (aka soccer) culture in the 90s, blokecore has been a key streetwear look in recent years. It showcases the casual side of UK culture - kebab and fish ‘n’ chip joints, pub crawls, and of course, game days. Forget prim and proper tea parties - these Brits prefer pints and football chants.

So, how do you get the look? Simply pair a football jersey with straight leg jeans and Adidas sneakers. Sambas are synonymous with the blokecore look, but Gazelles just might overtake them this year. If you prefer a more uniform look, you can always opt for a tracksuit instead of jeans. 

Celebrities that wear blokecore

ASAP Nast, Drake, Liam Gallagher

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Look for vintage sports jerseys - the rarer, the better
  • Stick to light wash denim
  • Wear Brit-approved brands like Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, and Stone Island
  • Bonus points for a mullet, but a skin fade will do just fine


Got a need for speed? The bikercore trend is sure to satisfy all of your adrenaline cravings.

Although a specific biker look has existed for as long as the motorcycle subculture has, this year it has integrated with streetwear. It’s as easy as layering a biker jacket over a hoodie and jeans, though some street style stars are loving head-to-toe motocross looks.

The modern bikercore look uses some classic elements of biker culture, like leather and denim, but it’s more inspired by sports racing than Harley Davidson leisure riders. Look for patchwork jackets, pants with racing stripes, and high-tech shades. Motorcycle optional. 

Celebrities that wear bikercore

A$AP Rocky, Ye, Jarred Vanderbilt

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Keep it simple - one racing jacket is all you need
  • You’ll want a silhouette that’s streamlined without being too tight, just like the pros

Sk8r Boi

Skateboarding is another sport at the forefront of 2024 streetwear trends for men. In fact, some might say it always has been. Some of the most popular streetwear brands started out as skate brands (Stussy, Supreme, and Palace come to mind), and the culture’s signature oversized silhouettes and casual aesthetic are integral to streetwear.

But like any trend or movement, the style evolves. This year gives a nod to the past with an emphasis on classic skate brands like Vans and Etnies, graphic tees, striped sweaters, utility pants, and functional accessories. 

Celebrities that wear skatewear

Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, Drake

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Don’t be afraid to inject some color into your look
  • Look for skate shoes from limited edition collaborations
  • Accessorize with beanies and bucket hats


Not into soccer, motocross, or skateboarding? There are plenty of other sports you can look to for inspiration. A fit with a jersey, jeans, and slick shoes will never go out of style. 

You can’t go wrong with a streetwear look featuring a football or basketball jersey, but there are two other sports that are on the rise for 2024. Rugby shirts are making a comeback, and hockey jerseys have gone viral thanks to cool redesigns by Stussy and Palace Skateboards. 

Celebrities that wear sportswear

Jay Z, Travis Scott, Tyler, the Creator

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Pair with high tops, a baseball cap or beanie, and vintage frames 
  • Experiment with layering. If you have a sleeveless jersey, add a t-shirt or long sleeve as a base. With regular jerseys you can create contrast with a plaid overshirt or switch it up by wearing the jersey over a hoodie (baseball shirts are perfect for this)

Baggy Jorts

Summer is on the horizon, which means you might want to refresh your summer wardrobe with a pair of jorts (otherwise known as jean shorts).

This quintessential 90s style started gaining popularity across the pond last summer, and is predicted to be a global favorite as we enter the hottest season of the year. You just can’t deny their versatility - jorts work with graphic tees, hoodies, tank tops, button-down shirts, bomber jackets, sneakers, boots … you catch our drift. Just do us a favor and buy a ready-to-wear pair instead of going the DIY route. 

Celebrities that wear jorts

Jaden Smith, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Choose light washes and looser fits
  • Keep the length at or below the knee
  • Add a belt
  • Put your socks on display

Leather Bombers 

Leather jackets of all varieties have had their moment in the fashion spotlight: biker jackets, blazers, even Matrix-esque trench coats. Now it’s the bomber’s time to shine.

This new favorite was championed by streetwear legends Supreme, who released not one but seven different versions of a leather bomber in their Fall 2023 collection. They’re perfect for those cool spring days, crisp summer nights, and all throughout the fall. But most importantly, they feel fresh after years of nylon bombers coming out on top. 

Style them the same way you would a regular bomber - just be mindful of the extra warmth and protection the leather will give you. 

Celebrities that wear leather bombers

Drake, Pharrell Williams, Jake Gyllenhaal

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Choose a slightly oversized silhouette
  • Stick to dark colors like black, brown, or burgundy
  • Add some texture, like quilting or a mixed-fabric design


Remember the days when only camping enthusiasts wore North Face puffer jackets? If your answer is ‘vaguely’, you can thank the gorpcore trend

This look takes clothing that was originally designed for the great outdoors to, well, anywhere. Brands like Arc’teryx, Patagonia, Moncler, and Columbia are the leaders in technical gear, but it’s street style stars that have brought their pieces from the mountains to the city. Gorpcore is similar to techwear in that the garments are functional, but the look is slightly different. It’s not quite as dark or futuristic, and is often combined with casual items.  

Some call gorpcore an evolved version of streetwear, but we think it’s a harmonious addition to classic streetwear trends. After all, technical jackets and hiking boots just make sense with hoodies and relaxed jeans. 

Celebrities that wear gorpcore

Frank Ocean, Lil Yachty, Justin Bieber

Styling Tips (AKA How To Make It Cool)

  • Create contrast by adding bright pops of color against a neutral palette and mixing textures (ex. cotton and fleece)
  • Show off your socks, like a true hiker 
  • Keep your look voluminous with boxy tees, wide straight leg pants, and oversized jackets 
  • Show off your layering skills: start with a t-shirt, add a flannel overshirt or fleece jacket, and finish with a puffer

Whether you want to make worlds collide with yuppiecore or take a transatlantic trip with blokecore, 2024’s streetwear trends for men have something for every taste. 

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